Different Approaches of Peri-implantitis/Periodontal Therapy

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Implant placement has become a routine treatment procedure in everyday clinical practice. However, the modern world is facing a variety of clinical complications that impair osseointegrated implant in function. In addition to this, there is an increasing number of people experiencing infection and inflammation of the tooth‐supporting apparatus known as periodontitis. Therefore, addressing these issues in daily practice required an appropriate and practical treatment approach to be selected to prevent disease progression, teeth loss, and implant failure, consequently.

Accordingly, this lecture is aimed to:

1.  Understand etiopathogenesis of periodontitis and periimplantitis
2. Learn to diagnose periimplantitis and periodontitis disease using new classifications 
3. Select the appropriate treatment method based on the disease classification 
4. Understand the principles of treatment  
5. Demonstrate when and why some methods might be used
6. Show the advantages of certain decontamination methods

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